Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Outcomes and Indicators


To succeed in life and in the workforce, children and adults need more than traditional academic skills. They need skills in communication, collaboration, and problem solving, which are learned while accessing our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program. During program development and testing, we saw that there was a gap between the skills that students were learning and the skills that they needed.

It became obvious to us, that traditional learning was failing to empower students with the knowledge they need to thrive -not only in life, but in real time. A World Economic Forum report New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning Through Technology confirms this.

When students and adults engage Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in its fullest capacity, here is a list of our program’s Outcomes and Indicators:

Communication Skills
 Effective expression of thoughts and feelings
 Increased assertiveness in social context

Life Skills
 Improved resilience
 Increased planning skills, time management, resourcefulness and realistic goal setting
 Increased accountability and/or sense of personal responsibility
 Increased sense of purpose and self-direction
 Regulate and manage emotions
 Expanded global and cultural awareness

Leadership and Civic Engagement
 Increased ability and interest to lead others or activities
 Increased awareness of issues that impact life and community
 Increased action and engagement on specific issues affecting life and community

Improved Relationships
 Increased ability to work with others to accomplish goals
 Increased ability to work with diverse individuals and groups
 More positive interaction with peers
 More positive interaction with peers

Increased Positive Behavior
 Increased violence prevention and reduced juvenile crime
 Reduced or no incidence of illegal behavior
 Reduced or no gang activity

Prepared for Higher Education and Employment
 Increased knowledge of college choices
 Increased awareness of and interest in careers and employment pathways
 Increased demonstration of job readiness skills
 Increased digital and media literacy

Does your school, nonprofit, church or state agency serve the youth or young adult population? Do you need a Trauma Informed Approach for your chlid, or program participants? Then consider adding our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program as a viable component to what you already have in place. Give us a call at (682) 235-TGIM (8446) or email us at to learn how we can customize our program for you.