TGIM Books: What inspired Fire Light Fire Bright


Many people have asked what was my inspiration for writing Fire Light Fire Bright. I guess I would have to say, the Vietnam War. I lost some close friends there and I wanted to write this book as a tribute.

I originally planned for the Vietnam Veteran to be the main character and, of course, be the hero. However, as I began writing, my characters developed minds of their own, and they sort of took over. My vet was pushed to the background, and Dodge, the sheriff, moved front and center. I started putting in hints to make the readers suspect that the vet was the bad guy. Then to really muddy the waters, my mind did a complete reverse and I decided I really would make him turn out to be the guilty party. Then, I changed my mind again.

I seesawed back and forth throughout the entire writing process. To tell you the truth, I wasn't positive who was going to be the one, until I wrote the final chapter. ***Spoiler Alert*** Nope, not going to do it. You'll have to read the book to see if he turns out to be the good guy or the bad guy. :)


The small north-central town of Glenwood, Texas is being methodically burned to the ground. Every few days another fire. Several teenage girls in surrounding communities have been brutally raped.

When the rapist finally targets Glenwood, Texas the girls are not only raped, but murdered also. How many must die before Sheriff Brewster can catch the murderer?