Paid Internship Program


TGIM is committed to creating entrepreneurs. Our Paid Internship Program offers college students a unique opportunity to gain experience that they will need in the 21st Century Workforce.

Using a hands-on approach, we’ll train you to work in the field of sales, while building a valuable experience that will make you a stronger candidate for jobs after graduation. This is an excellent way to “try out” a career in sales with us. Selling our positive and encouraging books is easy, and we provide online support that includes streaming video every step of the way.

Students will learn the following Entry-Level Sales Skills:

Written and Verbal Communication
Customer Service
Content Marketing
Product Knowledge
eMail Marketing
Information Literacy
Business Awareness
Social Media Marketing

Through our Paid Internship Program, you'll make accomplishments you can be proud of while earning money selling books written by teens and families attending our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program. You'll also access the S.C.O.R.E. Mentoring Program to work one on one with a mentor! We offer our program all year, so you can join now!


Must be a College Student
Must Have a Smartphone, or Device with Internet
Must Commit to Training
Must Read and Agree To Follow Policy & Procedures

Sales representatives are always in need and can find exciting opportunities in any industry. The sales team is an important piece of every company, and an entry-level sales position is a great way to kick off a career in your desired industry.

How You Earn:


Your first sales campaign will be to reach out to businesses and individuals using the online marketing techniques that we will teach you. Our goal is to obtain contributions for a case (50 copies) of Stories of Hope to be given to 1,000 teens living in ten of our nation's deadliest cities during our 2018 Summer of Hope Book Tour. We've discounted a case of books for the low price of $319.99. They make a tax-decutible impact, and you earn $50! We track your sales using a unique code, and payout weekly using PayPal.

Join Now!

For more information or to join, email me at My name is Eric Jones, and I am the founder of TGIM and creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™. Be a part of our Writing for the Soul process. We welcome you to our business and to make your mark in our global journey. TGIM is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating.