Mentors Making an Impact: Christina Hune


This National Mentoring Month, we're proud to recognize Christina Hune (Pictured above) as a mentor that is making an impact. Since 2015, she has worked tirelessly in our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program to raise awareness about the pain that bullying causes individuals with disabilities. As a mentor, she has helped others to share their story and as a result -enjoy the mental freedom that comes with getting what's on the inside ...out.

During The Bully Diaries Book Club in the Park that Christina moderated in St. Louis last summer, she said "Sharing my story and helping others to share their stories of being bullied lets them know that they are not alone. No one should feel alone." Christina's story is published in The Bully Diaries and can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here.

Christina's Impact


Mentors are what makes Writing for the Soul Workshop™ so successful. The Mentor to Participant relationship strengthens the engagement that participants have with the Workshop, and can also help facilitators better understand what motivates our participants.

Training is required for Mentors because it outlines the way you should interact with our participants. While “mentor” is a specific role within our program’s structure, the mentor training outlines what a responsible mentoring relationship looks like, and how their unique role and relationship with workshop participants strengthens the overall success of the workshop. Click here to register.