Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Online Fundraiser


“The interesting thing is: if you do it for love, the money comes anyway” – Richard St. John

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is one of the most unique programs available in fund-raising. Use books & eBooks published by Writing for the Soul process to earn 40% - 93% of everything you raise with absolutely NO cost to you. This is great for schools, nonprofits and church groups wanting to fund raise online.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ uses writing as therapy to help students get what’s on the inside …out. This process allows healing to begin, and gives birth to books like The Bully Diaries. This book has prevented one suicide by bully in Perth, Australia -and two more here in the US that we know of.

This fundraiser creates strong student/parent participation, raises awareness about bullying, and produces robust sales for your cause.


Why Host our Fundraising Campaign?

We have a common denominator: helping children and teens. The one thing we have learned while working with organizations who serve children and teens, is that you have limited time and resources to spend raising capital. Joining our Writing for the Soul Process to fund raise for your cause is a win for you, us and all those we serve.

0% Start-Up Costs

With tighter and tighter budgets this campaign can really help due to the fact that you don’t have to pay for the products, and we ship them for you. We’ll create your customized Indiegogo Campaign page, banner with link, email template, marketing blurbs and flyer for you at no cost.

This campaign includes your choice of our books and eBooks. Your supporters save when they buy in bulk to donate to students in your community. Supporters can even contribute directly to your cause. When they do, your cause get's it all!

Fundraising online is a smart and surprisingly easy way to raise money for your cause. With our books and eBooks along with your cause, together we can make a tremendous impact. Click here to contact us so we can begin creating your online fundraising campaign today. We’ll help you every step of the way.