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We publish books not ranked in traditional circles in our industry. A genre we refer to as "Cathartic Literature" sometimes referred to as 'misery lit' category which is biographical in nature, and usually about the impact of traumatic events in childhood, and the impact of dealing with those experiences. 

We consider our focus "cathartic lit" because our writing program experience tells us that these stories are that of catharsis, or discharge of pent-up emotions so as to result in the alleviation of symptoms or the permanent relief of the condition caused by traumatic experiences.

As a publisher, you could say that our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program fills the need for books about trauma and abuse with deeper meanings to them. Books that leave the reader feeling inspired. Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, our books will leave you inspired and changed, like the authors that penned them.

TGIM's premier service is our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Mentoring Program . The power of our program comes from the collaborative effort of great minds across multiple disciplines. 

Our program reflects the knowledge and contributions of those like our Director of People Operations, Michelle Bailey, who previously worked with Fortune 100 clients, -to Dr. Stevie Dawn, an expert in Emotional Intelligence. 

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ will continue to evolve to ensure the most effective and innovative approaches available. Join our team. Mentor.

Join our team. mentor.

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