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The Bully Diaries by  Writing for the Soul Workshop™

 The stories we collect while offering Writing for the Soul Workshop™ gives birth to books like The Bully Diaries. This book has prevented one suicide by bully in Perth, Australia -and two more here in the US that we know of. 

Chances are that you experienced bullying in your life. When you are being bullied, it is hard to think about much more than getting through today. Join the Writing for the Soul Process. Donate copies of  The Bully Diaries to a school, or Boys and Girls Club in your community. 

TGIM Digital Publishing Premier Program

No child is born bad. Hurt people hurt people. Our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program uses writing as therapy to help students get what’s on the inside …out. This process allows healing to begin. Be a part of the Writing for the Soul process! Here are some ways you can join our movement:

1. Make a one time tax-deductible donation. Click Here.

2. Purchase The Bully Diaries. Click Here.

3. Fund-raise using The Bully Diaries. Click Here.


"A sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization."


"This is an opportunity to connect with our students outside of the parameters of school and promote literacy. The workshop offers instruction in writing, illustration, publishing, and marketing. The students will have a chance to become a published author through group and individual projects. The workshop gives them a platform from which to speak to the world. It also gives volunteers a chance to demonstrate love and acceptance." 

Naomi Austin, Educator in Missouri

"It was fun to watch the kids get excited about writing as they learned about how to get what's on the inside out."

-Duane Gruis, United Cerebral Palsy Heartland

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