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While developing Writing for the Soul Workshop™ we discovered a treasure trove of global solutions. Tour our site to unlock them!

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OUR SOLUTION: Writing for the Soul Workshop™

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is packed with WOW factors. Click on the key that will open the door for you, your school, nonprofit or church to make a greater impact.

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Writing for the  Soul Workshop is a “SOURCE FUNDING” vehicle that allows your organization to do more once you complete A.P.R.I.L.© Get Certified to offer this life-changing program in your home, school or community.                                         Click to Register

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Looking for a way to earn money with unlimited potential while impacting kids everywhere? Use the money to do things like:

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The Bully Diaries    

Through a global community partnership with Stand for the Silent, Writing for the Soul Workshop™  has collected stories, letters and poems from youth, teens and adults from around the world.  A portion of the proceeds from book  …

Soft Cover $16.99

eBook $11.99

Stories of Hope    

Stories of Hope is a compilation of heart wrenching, and liberating short stories written by youth participating in Writing for the Soul Workshop™ around the world. Through a unique structure offering both engagement -and reward, …

Soft Cover $12.99

eBook $9.99

Pieces of Me     *The First Series Edition     

In Pieces of Me, participants from Writing for the Soul Workshop™ share their memories and feelings from their best or worst day ever.

Through this compilation of short stories, you can share their experiences; weep with them and rejoice with them.

"Upon reading this book, I was moved. These authors poured out their emotions, and the result is nothing less than inspiring. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. ...” -Benji Tunnell, Joplin Globe

Program Developer Bill King has joined TGIM to offer our Kidz Zone to children ages 7 & up participating in Writing for the Soul Workshop™! Bill has designed a fun and interactive website that all ages will enjoy. Click here to enter. Includes FREE activities!

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